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From the family photo albums


On March 24th, a baby was born in Oyster Bay, New York and gave the world a wink. Her parents chose the name Mitali, which means ‘a good friend’ in Sanskrit.


Mitali loved hearing, telling, and inventing stories from an early age. Her most prized possession was a laminated public library card with her name on it.


Every year, Mitali’s family celebrated important Hindu festivals like Durga Puja to celebrate the goddess Durga, who has eight arms and rides a lion to battle demons.

Third grade

Mitali moved to Texas after her dad got a job at NASA. Here she wears a bright pink salwar kameez in front of the Saturn V rocket used to launch the early Apollo missions.

Space Dreams

When she grows up, Mitali still wants to be an astronaut.

Fifth grade

Mitali and her sister Lily wear sarees draped in the Bengali style over the left shoulder.

“The Halloween”

Not having any costumes, Mitali dressed like an Indian bride to go trick or treating. Her saree is draped in the Gujarati style over her right shoulder.

Trivia Queen

Her freshman year of college, Mitali got to be on the gameshow College Jeopardy! She met Alex Trebek, made it to the semifinals, and used the prize money to buy her first car.